Discover the future of environmentally friendly flight with exFan

A groundbreaking project focused on revolutionizing aircraft propulsion systems. Our mission is to develop a cutting-edge recuperation device, harnessing the Meredith effect to maximize exergy from anergy.



exFan introduces a novel thrust-generating heat dissipation and recuperation system within a mega-watt class geared electric fan propulsion setup.
The goal is to recuperate the waste heat of a fuel cell-electric propulsion system, paving the way for a clearer, more sustainable future in aviation.



Why exFAN matters

Zero Emissions in Flight

Hydrogen-powered aircraft propulsion is a key player in crafting an eco-friendly aviation landscape. By using fuel cells, exFAN ensures zero in-flight CO2 emissions, addressing the pressing environmental concerns of modern air travel.

Tackling Thermal Challenges

As we propel towards 2030, fuel cell electrical efficiencies are anticipated to reach 50%. However, with every watt of electricity produced comes a watt of heat that needs efficient dissipation. exFAN stands at the forefront of tackling the thermal management challenge in fuel cell-powered aviation.

Innovation in Action

Our team is dedicated to investigating solutions that not only dissipate waste heat without introducing drag losses but also ingeniously convert this excess heat into additional thrust for the aircraft. Imagine a propulsion system that maximizes efficiency without compromise.